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Entebbe Secondary Schoool.

Entebbe Secondary School, nestled in the heart of Entebbe, Uganda, stands as a beacon of knowledge and educational excellence. With its roots deeply anchored in the past, the school has a rich tapestry of history and evolution that adds to its prestige. Today, it not only continues the legacy of its foundation but also paves the way for the future.

In 1967, the visionary Mr. Kisirikko Christopher, a dedicated educator, realized his dream by founding Entebbe Secondary School. As portrayed in “The Herald 2012 Magazine”, Christopher, with a burning passion to provide basic education in a rapidly changing world, was driven by the motto, We Build For the Future. And true to his words, he did.

Imagine a time when Entebbe Municipality had no secondary schools. The challenge for primary school graduates was finding a seamless transition to further their education. It was in this educational void that Mr. Kisirikko stepped in. His ambition was not just to fill a gap, but to weave a strong fabric of education and growth, fostering community development and nation-building.

As with the seeds of a giant oak, the school started modestly. Picture the first batch of students, young adults aged between 17 to 20, walking through the gates with dreams in their eyes and ambition in their stride. These pioneers were supported immensely by the local parents, reflecting a deep community trust in Mr. Kisirikko’s vision. Fast forward to today, and Entebbe Secondary boasts a robust strength of 1,000 eager students, shepherded by a commendable team of 56 teaching professionals.

Mr. Kisirikko’s educational quest didn’t end with Entebbe SS. He was the force behind other esteemed institutions like Wampewo Ntake SS, Nkumba SS, Nsangi SS, and Entebbe Parents Secondary School. By the time of his peaceful passing in 2013, he had not only realized his dream but also laid a robust foundation for future generations.

The reins of this esteemed institution are now in the capable hands of Ms. Mande Muyinda Ruth. Under her guidance and with the steadfast support of the Entebbe Arcdeaconary as Chairman of the Board of Governors, the school continues to thrive. The journey that started as a humble junior school, an offshoot of Namate Chadwick Primary School, has now blossomed into a premier educational institution. The Church of Uganda’s guiding principles continue to shape the school’s ethos, ensuring that it remains grounded while reaching for the stars.

One cannot talk about Entebbe Secondary without mentioning its anthem, a melodious testament to its vision and legacy. Words like Shining Glory, Golden Blessing, and phrases that emphasize the school’s commitment like Build for the future we do resonate deeply with every student and faculty member. The anthem serves as a gentle reminder of the school’s illustrious past, its vibrant present, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.